Telemedicine in the time of COVID

My experience with telehealth in the time of COVID>
On March 16th my practice came to a screeching halt as the pandemic took hold in New York City. Patients did not want to come to the office especially for routine matters.
For the first time I set up my practice from my living room using a telehealth platform and surprisingly it was very successful. Patients liked the convenience of not having to travel to see me and they loved the safety of being home.
As providers we have always known that 90% of the information we need to treat patients comes from their history and only 10 % from the physical exam. the patients I was were relaxed in the confines of their own homes and felt fully able to express their symptoms and concerns. During the 3 months I did telehealth exclusively I only needed to send 3 patients for xrays, labs or to an urgent care. Many patients with COVID could be treated at home with frequent video visits, access to a thermometer and a pulse oximeter ( which I recommended everyone obtain). Now that I am physically in my medical office I plan to continue to offer video visits to appropriate patients

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