(a poem for our time)

Almost …
A generation spared global, tragic scenes
But no-
We have unfortunately regressed to the mean
   of history
Guns germs and misery

The bar is again reset:
   Seek simple pleasures
   Avoid death
Masked men with untamed locks,
don their gloves and grocery shop
Women with two toned hair
work in Lysol perfumed air

No scientific  perversion
has caused this sudden reversion :
(Domiciles of sourdoughs bakers,
gardeners and  repurposed  homemakers)
An older  world thought long gone ?
   Or a dystopian one newly born?

No hand of man is to blame
No Dr Frankenstein to shame
Yes terror propagates in our midst
But no lab born monster runs amiss
The worries about GMOs should fade
    It’s an earthly virus that kills, invades

But  now the weary world knocked to its knees

Breathless, sad afraid
   -It pleads
To white coated saviors pipettes

in hand
“Return us to the promised land “
Away from this deadly contagion
Into the arms of our beloved companions

Jill Silverman MD

April, 2020

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