And the race is on….. for a COVID vaccine

Currently there are over 400 research companies working on a COVID-19 vaccine with around 24 that have advanced to  the clinical stages of testing.  This is the stage is where the product ( the vaccine) moves from development in the laboratory to testing in humans. The important clinical testing stages that involve human subjects are … More And the race is on….. for a COVID vaccine


(a poem for our time) Almost …A generation spared global, tragic scenesBut no-We have unfortunately regressed to the mean   of historyGuns germs and misery The bar is again reset:   Seek simple pleasures   Avoid deathMasked men with untamed locks,don their gloves and grocery shopWomen with two toned hairwork in Lysol perfumed air No scientific  perversionhas caused … More Almost


One of this year’s new word. In Scandinavia it means comfort and it is a form of self-soothing- very therapeutic. To read more check out this article in the New York Times:   Move Over, Marie Kondo: Make Room for the Hygge Hordes By PENELOPE GREENDEC. 24, 2016  


This is the word of the year abroad and it is Danish for “comfort”. Apparently the  comfort seeking behaviors of the Finns and the Danes are thought to be one of the keys to happiness. Here is a link to a great New York Times article about this: Move Over, Marie Kondo: Make Room for … More Hygge

Dr Google

More good reading:   Using the Web or an App Instead of Seeing a Doctor? Caution Is Advised Austin Frakt New York Times July 11, 2016   Bottom line: Medical apps and web based searches are convenient but often inaccurate and are not replacement for a face to face medical encounter.